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Maremma Sheepdog breeder / Maremmano Abruzzese

Dogs used at stud

Of course we cannot always use our own dogs for matings. Here you can find males from others we used in the passed years. Their pedigrees you can find here.

Aristotele del Piangrande

was responsable for our P-litter (autumn 2009) and our R-litter in winter 2010. Totò is a male imported from Italy. He is the son of Zen, a male we were able to temporarely loan from his breeder and owner Gabriella Adanti and who stayed with us for a couple of months. Totò is a very beautiful, young male of good type with excellent bone, a nice full muzzle and a phantastic character. From the combination with Cato Più Bella Cosa Non C'è will remain available for future breeding plans.
shown 2 x: 1 Exc rescac


For the second litter of Gida I went to look for a suitable male in Italy. On my search I found kennel di Nivenus, where I met a very beautiful male called Artu, Italian champion, beautiful ancestors and x-rayed with A as result. The visit in summer 2001 resulted in our G-litter of 5 puppies, of which unfortunately 1 puppy died after a couple of days. From this litter we kept Goccia.



Ciclone delle Vergherie

sired our F-litter, born 2000. For the first litter of Gida I chose a Belgian male, imported from Italy. Ciclone delle Vergherie, bred by Donna Anna Corsini, was a very beautiful male with good hips (A). He also mated Damigella, Gida's sister. Unfortunately there were only 2 puppies in the litter, 1 male and 1 female.


Christmas 2002/beginning of 2003: I-litter
For the first litter of Goccia I went to a male in Germany, imported from Italy. Leone, bred by Elena Magni, who also bred the famous Turco, comes from ancestors that are still guarding the sheep; so real working dogs. Leone was x-rayed (B) and responsable for a litter of 8 puppies. Cato stayed from this litter, and is so far my most succesful homebred Maremma; she is one, if not the only, Dutch homebred Maremma that is international champion.

Zen del Piangrande

Zen was a very promising 2 year old male with an excellent pedigree. He was officially x-rayed for hip dysplasia with result A. He was bred by Gabriella Adanti, who also bred Quintano. Zen stayed with us for a period of 6 months and in that period he became Dutch champion. Goccia was mated by him and on Juli 6th and she gave birth to the 5 puppies of our O-litter in summer 2008. After he finished his 'business', he went home again. Occhiata di Sole has remained available for breeding.
On March 23rd 2009 we heard the very sad news, that this lovely dog died of  bloat.
shown 6x: 6 x exc, 5 x cac, 4 x cacib, 4 x bob.
Titles: Dutch Champion


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