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Don Giovanni (called Donny) is a male from Italy from Dario Capogrosso of kennel Il Pastore Transumante. He came together with his <continue> Senza, Non Posso Stare Senza Te is a line from the song of La Solitudine van Laura Pausini. It means 'I can't live without you'. She is the daughter from the second litter of Cato <continue>
Occhiata di Sole means a bit of sunshine. She is the daughter of Goccia's third litter <continue>
Cosa/Trouscka, Più Bella Cosa Non C'è  means 'there is nothing more beautifull'. She is the daughter from the third litter of Cato, this time with Toto <continue>
Sofia, Filosofia Transumante Filosofia Transumante (called Sofia) is a real typical Italian lady. Sofia is friends with everyone and knows her place among the others. <continue>
 Pastore Transumante Olimpia came to us Christmas 2014 at the age of 10 weeks. She is <continue>
 Bice is the youngest of them all. She too is from Italy and <continue>
Rea is the puppy we kept from our Amore litter out of Sofia and Donny <continue>
  Vittoria: For Sofia's third litter I had her inseminated with the sperm od Zen, an Italian male <continue>.
Amaranto. One year after we got Erba, we decided to get a male. It was Amaranto di Selvaspina. He was much more affectionate to us than Erba was <continue> Erbacedrina di Selvaspina, called Erba, is my/our first Maremma Sheepdog. She was imported directly from Italy, and came to us in September 1993. She was very sweet and friendly to <continue>
Quintano called Quin, was from Italy. After the death of Amaranto I went to look for an other male that would also be suitable for mating my bitches. <continue> Egida Parcodaini, called Gida, is the first bitch I bred myself. She is from the second litter of Erba and Rantje. She takes very much after her mother, but she has the character <continue>.
Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini, quit a mouthful, is called Goccia, pronounced gotsja, meaning Sun Drop. She is the result of a mating between Gida and Artu. Goccia was once mated <continue>
Lucciola, meaning fire fly, called Lotje, is the daughter of Goccia en Quintano. She does not live with us, but she lives with her co-parents, Jan and Petra. <continue>
Ira Incantata Parcodaini, called Cato, means 'enchanting rage'. She is the daughter of Goccia en Leone. She can be very present and demanding explicitly your attention. <continue

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