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In the UK there is a different way of scoring hips. The average score for the breed is 15. Here you can find results of the British Kennelclub:

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elbow dysplasia

Hip score conversion


Hip Dysplasia

HD stands for Hip Dysplasia. Hip dysplasia means an abnormal development of the hips; the femur head does not fit properly in the hip socket. Hip dysplasia is a hereditary problem, in which more than one gene is involved. The degree of influence of genes varies between 15 - 40%. That is however the reason why animals should have been x-rayed for hip dysplasia before breeding them. HD, however is not just a matter of genes. Also growing speed, weight, exercize and other environmental conditions play a substantial part in the development of HD. HD is not a disease that appears only in large breeds, although some people think it is, also smaller breeds and mixed breeds, even cats and also humans, can get HD. To determine whether a dog is dysplastic, x-rays are taken by a vet. The x-ray is send to an offical bureau of the Dutch Kennelclub, were the x-ray is evaluated. 'A' means no hip dysplasia at all, 'E' means severe HD.
HD does occur in the Maremma Sheepdog. During the past years I have collected the rusults of almost 1400 Maremma Sheepdogs worldwide. 87% of these dogs have A, B or C as a result. For detailed information please send an e-mail.
In Holland a total of 58 Maremma, 19 males and 38 females, were officially x-rayed since 1976;

A B C D/E total
35 14 5 5 60

Main sources:
Since September 2008 the Italian club has an on-line database with hip and elbow scores:  http://www.cpma.it/displasia.php?az=1
The Swedish kennelclub offers an online database with pedigrees and health results:  http://hundar.skk.se/hunddata/  
The Finnish kennelclub has a very informative online database: http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/  
In the past 15 years 72 Maremma Sheepdogs were x-rayed in Great-Britain with an average score of 11, spread between 4 and 68. This is an improvement in relation to previous years, where the averege score was 15.  http://www.bva.co.uk/canine_health_schemes/Hip_Scheme.aspx
Official results of Dutch Maremma Sheepdog can be found at the website of the Dutch breedclub, VHB.
And at last, finally since April 17 2013 also our Dutch Kennelclub has a database with on-line health results.

Here you can find the results of our dogs, or dogs bred by us, and dogs used at stud.  
MALES HD ED date of birth remarks
Alessio di Bosco Verde B 22-11-2012 Germany
Aristotele del Piangrande B 13-05-2007
Destreggiarsi Parcodaini B 30-04-1996
Don Giovanni Transumante A 23-03-2011
Quintano A 07-09-2003
Zeffiro Parcodaini E 11-05-2014
Zen del Piangrande A 03-04-2006 Italy
Alisea di Bosco Verde A 0 22-11-2012 Germany
Amarni von der Villa Kahlenberg A 05-04-2013 Germany
Amore More Ore Re ParcodainiA006-06-2016
Damigella Parcodaini B 03-04-1996
Dolcessa Parcodaini B 03-04-1996
Donzella Parcodaini A 03-04-1996 Belgium
Egida Parcodaini B 13-10-1997
Erbacedrina di Selvaspina B 01-05-1993
Esultanza Parcodaini A 13-10-1997 Belgium
Filosofia Transumante A 0 12-10-2011
Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini A 12-10-2001
Ira Incantata Parcodaini A 23-02-2004
Lucciola Parcodaini A 27-10-2005
Non Posso Stare Senza Te Parcodaini A 0 22-08-2007
Occhiata di Sole Parcodaini A 0 06-07-2008
Pastore Transumante Olimpia A 0 17-10-2014
Più Bella Cosa Non C'è Parcodaini A 0 30-08-2009
Resta In Mente Per Sempre Parcodaini B 0 03-12-2010 Belgium, Norberg 104/107
Veni Vidi Vici E Basta PardodainiA020-08-2017
Viva Vittoria ParcodainiA020-05-2017Norberg = 40
Un' Angela Distesa al Sole Parcodaini A 24-09-2013 Germany
Zanzara ParcodainiB11-05-2014Germany

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia also does occur within the breed. From the almost 700 officially x-rayed Maremma Sheepdogs 19 were rated grade 2 or worse (= 2.8%). In Holland there are now 13 Maremmas officially x-rayed for elbow dysplasia (for results see website of breedclub).

Hips score conversion
FCI (European) BVA (UK) OFA (USA)
A-1 0-4 (no > 3/hip) E(xcellent)
A-2 5-10 (no > 6/hip) G(ood)
B-1 11-18 F(air)
B-2 19-25 B
C 26-35 M
D 36-50 Mod
E 51-106 S


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