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Maremma Sheepdog breeder / Maremmano Abruzzese


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August 2021


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Welcome at the website of Parcodaini.

We have been breeding the Maremma Sheepdog since 1996.
The breed is officially known as Cane da Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese, or Pastore Maremmano (Abruzzese). Maremma Sheepdog in English.

It is an Italian breed that was used and is still used to guard sheep from preditors. It is a so called Life Stock Guardian dog, that protects (not herds) the flock. Nowadays the breed is used more and more as a guardian of property and estates or as family dog, especially in countries like Holland, and surrounding countries, where there is no need to guard sheep or other flock.

On our site you can find information about us and our dogs, the breed in general and especially the situation in Holland/the Netherlands. 

We currently have 3 Maremma's living with us; Olimpia, Donny and Sofia. They live in and around our house and have free access to our garden/property. Also our puppies can run free and thus come into contact with the outside world and daily life. 

We also co-own a few Maremma; that means thay do not live at our property, but will come to live with us during the time when they have a litter.

We now and then breed a litter as a hobby and for the love of this wonderful breed. If you would like to know more about the Maremma Sheepdog you may always contact us. If you would like to have a puppy yourself it is best to have your name added to our waiting list. We appreciate to meet you in advance, as we like to know where are puppies are going to.

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