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Viva Vittoria  Parcodaini * 20-08-2017

9 years ago I borrowed a male from an Italian friend. He became Dutch champion and the sire of our O-litter. I also had some sperm from him frozen in. For Sofia's third litter I had her inseminated with this sperm. We had a great result: 8 puppies in our V-litter. We kept Viva Vittoria. We co-own her with Henny and Johan and she lives with her nephew Rubacuori/Orso, grandson of Zen.

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1 VG, 1 x Exc

2x shown: 1 x VG, 1 x Exc

Viva Vittoria
Zen del Piangrande (A) Nettuno dei Giunone
Leuco (A) Orobianco del Melarancio (B)
Brina (B)
Filosofia Transumante (A,0) Chino dell'Antico Tratturo (A,0) Argante dell'Antico Tratturo (A)
Filuccia dell'Antico Tratturo (A)
Carlotta (B) Artu' di Lucus Angitiae
Aisha (A)


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