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Non Posso Stare Senza Te Parcodaini * 22-08-2007

Non Posso Stare Senza Te is a line from the song of La Solitudine van Laura Pausini. It means 'I can't live without you'. She is called Senza. She is the daughter from the second litter of Cato and Quintano. Senza is the sweetest dog you can imagine, very social with other animals and other dogs. She loves to play with Volpino Joli, or with Toto. Visitors are kindly welcomed and she insists they cuddle her till they leave.

Showcareer HD A, ED free
2013 Luxemburg Champion
German Champion / VDH Frühjahrssieger
Litters: 3
Offspring: 22
2011 Club Champion VHB
2010 International Champion
2009 Dutch Champion;
Club Champion VHB and 3. Bis Clubmatch
2008 Dutch Youth Champion
Best Maremma and 3. place Show for Young dogs VHB
shown 16x: 16 exc, 12 cac, 1 x rescac, 6 cacib, 7 bob

Non Posso Stare Senza Te (A,0)
Quintano (A) Cafiero di Lucus Angitae (A) Turco
Brezza di Lucus Angitiae
Edelweiss (B) Duca
Armonia di Selvaspina
Ira Incantata Parcodaini (A)
Leone (B)
Solimano dei Giunoni
Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini (A) Artu (A)
Egida Parcodaini (B)


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