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Maremma Sheepdog breeder / Maremmano Abruzzese


Who are we?
20 years ago when we came to live here in Rucphen (south of the Netherlands near the Belgian border), the house was locally known as 'the Deer-park', because the previous owner used to keep deer. For our kennelname we kept this name; Parcodaini is a contraction of the Italian 'Parco dei Daini', which means deer-park.

Here we finally had room for a dog. We had a list with qualities we wanted a dog to have: guardian, good with children and other animals, little trimming or brushing, able to be out-doors, half-long coat. We searched in books (the internet was not invented yet) and found some breeds that met our needs, among which the Maremma Sheepdog. We went to shows, where we did not find them and visited a breeder, who at that moment did not have any puppies. The Dutch breedclub recommended a breeder in Italy and that's how we came to di Selvaspina and our first Maremma. September 1993 she came to us: Erbacedrina. After 1 year we decided to have a male and we went to the same Italian breeder. That's how we got Amaranto. We wanted to breed a litter, once. But then we decided to breed an other litter to keep one of the puppies, so we could breed from her. And so we did. We try to keep a puppy from every combination for future breeding, then what's the point of breeding if you are not keeping any of the puppies yourselve?

Of course we also learnt more about the breed and breeding dogs in general. We took an education as a veterinarian assistant, and several official canine courses that prepare for becoming a judge.

Except for our Maremmas, Parcodaini is the residence of our new arrival cat Klytaimnestra, some chicken, and since 2007 also a Volpino Italiano, an Italian Spits: volpino  

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