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Pastore Transumante Olimpia  *17-10-2014

At Christmas 2014 we went to Italy to pick up Pastore Transumante Olimpia (called Loempia). She fitted in perfectly and adapted very well, but she is what we call the enfant terrible of them all. She is very playful, but she also knows an incredible amount of mischief. Together with Bice she would love to spend the whole day messing around: digging holes, excavating our plants, flitting through the pond, destroying boxes, totally awesome. Olimpia is a 'doggy dog', she does not like people and she also knows how she can drive her owners to despair by absolutely not listening, let alone come on command.
We have taken her 4 times to shows, but she didn't like it at all, so results were 4 x VG (very good).

Showresults HD  A, ED 0
1 x VG
Litters: 3
2015 3 x VG
Offspring: 33

(HD A, ED 0)

Ferdinando dell'Antica Stirpe

Brenno dell'Antica Stirpe
Zizu di Arajani (A,0)
Nausicaa dell'Antica Stirpe (A)
Selvaggia dell'Antica Stirpe
Hamleto dell'Antica Stirpe
Millefiore del Velino Sirente
Zante di Arajani (B,0)
Bastiano (A)
Hania dell'Antica Stirpe
Ispida (A,0)


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