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the first Maremma's in Holland

the sixties:
de eerste fokkers

2nd half of the 70:
a new start

the eighties:
a Maremma breedclub

the nineties:

2000- 2010:

Source: NHSB

History of the Maremma Sheepdog in Holland

Here you can find a listing of all the litters and import dogs since 1947 that are registered in the Dutch pedigree, NHSB (Nederlandse HondenStamBoek).
It is important to realise that the list of imported dogs is not and can not be complete, as there are and will be always people who import a dog from whatever country, without having it officially registred. So in reality there are more imported Maremmas. In this overview only the officially registred imports are mentioned. The number between brackets refers to Dutch pedigree numbers. Loi and Lir refer to Italian pedigree numbers.
Abbrevations: S= sire, D= dam, B= breeder
At first: the fourties and fifties.
Somewhere in the beginning of fourties the first Abruzzese sheepdog was taken to Holland by Mrs E. Veltman in Bloemendaal. The first Maremma sheepdog was imported in 1950/1 from Italy. There are no records of this import in the offcial pedigree, probably because the dog was not officially registred in the NHSB. It concerns a bitch, called Isadora, that was taken by Mr Stuyver from Swifterband. She wasn't bred and she died of old age at 13.

The beginning: the sixties and seventies.
The first offical import from Italy was a male called Sir Laurence dei Cani Bianchi, (309903, Loi GI 251/62), born 05-09-1960, sire Fido (Lir. 22476/57), dam Dike dei Cani Bianchi (Lir 23775/59), breeder Prof. Mirella Fera Cao-Tirennia.

After that 2 dogs were imported from England. In 1961/2 D.P. Overdiep from Utrecht imported Pretentious Blanche (255912), born 09-01-1961, S: Formakin Mario (KCR. 8894/60), D: Swandean Coppelia (KCR. 56174/57) B: Mr & Mrs R.J. Cole. And a male Federico of Wynbriar (270155), born 13-08-1961, sire also Formakin Mario (KCR. 38894/60), D: Burtholme Princess (KCR. 87950/57), B: Mr & Mrs N. Brierley.
The first litter was registred in 1963 with the prefix Pretentious. It was out of a combination of Sir Laurence dei Cani Bianchi and Pretentious Blanche. On November 4th 1962 10 puppies (3 males and 7 females) were born: Cerberus, Ceasar and Cassius and Carin, Ciska, Corona, Cherry, Cleopatra, Charma and Carissima. 3 of which were to be used for breeding later on.

At S.C.L. Goosman's in De Bilt a litter of 8 puppies (3 males, 5 females) is born on May 11 1966, kennel is v.d. Friesche Dreven out of Sir Laurence dei Cani Bianchi and his daughter Pretentious Ciska: Benito, Benvenuto and Barbusse and Bianca, Brenda, Bercea, Beatrice and Bright (382731 - 382738).
The same year on July 14 a litter is born again from Sir Laurence dei Cani Bianchi and one of his other daughters Pretentious Carin. The A-litter of Van de Gamerse Molen of C.J. Jonkers in Gameren has 4 puppies (1 male and 3 females): Argos and Astrid, Artemis and Anuschka (391641 - 391644).

On 25-01-1967 the D-litter of v. d. Friesche Dreven is born; 5 puppies (1 male, 4 females). It is the same combination as the first litter. They are: Duke, Diana, Donna, Duchess and Dream (398430 - 398435).

On March 29 1968 a litter from Pretentious Ceasar and his niece Astrid van de Gamerse Molen (391643) is born, 5 puppies (4 males, 1 female): Caesar, Boland, Hendrik, Nero and Olga (430434 - 430438). Breeder is H.D. van Vugt in Niewaal. There is no prefix.

The same combination results in another litter on 12-07-1969. This time 8 puppies (5 males, 3 females). Puppies are: Waldo, Astor, Dolfijn, Nelson, Amor for the males and Josca, Cisca (champoin in 1971) and Diana for the females (479171 - 479178).

On 27-03-1971 the 3rd litter of this bitch is born. It is a mother son combination: sire is Dolfijn. There is only 1 puppy: Hector (538043).

After this it is quiet for a while and it takes until 1976 before Ema delle Vergherie (945173, Loi AL 1238), born 12-02-1976, S: Vincitore delle Vergherie, D: Aquila delle Vergherie, bred by Donna Anna Corsini comes to Holland as import from Italy by H. de Weert from Peperga. His kennel becomes Van de Spoorlaan. He breeds 2 litters with Ema and both times he uses the same male; the English import Gransasso Ascoli Pelino (G-2-1049365).

In 1977 Dario delle Grandes Murailles is imported; born 04-06-1977, S: Maremmano delle Grandes Murailles, D: Diva delle Vergherie, B: S. Simondetti.

On 21-12-1978 the first Van ’t Brummenböske litter is born at Anneke Jansen's, before Heijmann, sire is Gerfalco delle Grande Murailles (Loi GI 1286) and dame is the Italian import bitch Bagnaia delle Grande Murailles (G-2-1049064, S: Palu (Lir 37137), D: Follonica delle Grandes Murailles (Loi GI982), born 05-06-1976, B: S. Simondetti). In the litter are 6 puppies, 3 males and 3 females: Altino, Angelo and Alvito and Andrea, Arbia and Arsita (1047040 - 1047045).

The Eighties.
In 1980 2 litters are born with a total of 17 puppies. On March 6 the first litter of Van de Spoorlaan is born: 9 puppies (4 males, 5 females) sire Gransasso Ascoli Pelino and dam Ema delle Vergherie: Agordo, Arcidosso, Ampersso and Ascoli and Adra Selina, Asti, Arce,  Allesandria and Adnia (117001 - 1107009). Later 12-07-1980 the second litter of Van ’t Brummenböske is born; 8 puppies (5 males and 3 females): Benedetto, Baiano, Bagnoli, Bianco and Bernardo and Bagnaia, Baia and Barbara (1124264 - 1124271). Sire was Capri delle Grandes Murailles (Loi GI 1902) and dam Bagnaia delle Grandes Murailles. It is abvious that the number of Maremmas is starting to increase. The C- and D-litter of Van ’t Brummenböske are born. On 29-07-1981 6 puppies, 1 male and 5 females, Castel Fiurentino, Capraia, Casal, Castellina, Catona and Centola. Sire is Barberino delle Grandes Murailles (1150564/ Loi GI1902, S: Capri delle Grandes Murailles, D: Follonica delle Grandes Murailles) and dam is the by then Dutch champion Arbia v.’t Brummenböske (1177704 - 1177709).

On 09-08-1981 another 8 puppies, 4 males and 4 females: Domenico, Demetrio, Donato and Dario and Domitilla, Duronia, Doglia and Donna (1178633 - 1178639). Sire is from the B-litter Benedetto van ’t Brummenböske and dam is again Bagnaia delle Grandes Murailles; so a dam son combination. In this year 2 Maremma Sheepdog (Astor and Astrid v. Mooi Maarkel) are mentioned as Dutch champion, but after careful investigation they turn out to be Berner Laufhunde. In 1982 the number of litters continues. Three litters are born with a total of 25 puppies. It also means 3 new breeders, of which 2 have a kennel. Arsita v. ‘t Brummenböske becomes the breeding bitch of della Collina of J. v.d. Heuvel, Barbara v. ‘t Brummenböske is the beginning of dei Orsi Bianchi of M. van Enckevort and Asti van de Spoorlaan goes to K. Brakke who later has the kennel Van Kerkenland.

On 17-04-1982 the A-litter of della Collina is born; 6 puppies, 2 males and 4 females, Altino and Ascoli and Arsita, Anastasia, Agata and Avella (1211140 - 1211144). Sire is Barberino delle Grandes Murailles. On 24-05-1982 the A-litter of dei Orsi Bianchi is born out of Altino v. ’t Brummenböske and Barbara v. ’t Brummenböske. 10 puppies, 4 males and 6 females: Amaro de Caesaris, Aaron, Athos Abruzzo and Angelo and Arbia, Andretta, Arafranca, Anagni, Atessa and Asti (1211146 - 1211155). The last litter that year is a father daughter combination of Gransasso Ascoli Pelina and Asti v.d. Spoorlaan. 9 puppies see the light of day on 01-09-1982, 5 males and 4 females: Tabor, Merak, Quiedo, Palu and Bellino and Rubia, Fonda, Titiana and Shandy (1237957 - 1237965).
The breed is thriving and on October 23rd 1982 the Maremma Club is founded. Chairman is C.J. Kraal and mrs M. van Enckevort is secretary. In 1986 they apply for the final recognition by the Dutch Kennelclub. However they do not approve as the number of puppies bred in the last 3 years is not enough (at least 30 in 3 years). In 1991 the curtain falls definitely due to too few bred dogs. The breed becomes part of the Kuvasz breedclub (Nederlandse Vereniging van Liefhebbers and Fokkers van de Kuvasz and andere Hongaarse Herdershonden, NVHH, and since 2001 Vereniging van Herders- and Berghonden uit Zuid- and Oost-Euopa and Azië, VHB). Mrs Van Enckevort will be secretary for 10 years. After that time there were no more initiatives to start a seperate breedclub and the Maremma Sheepdog is still one of the breeds that is represented by the VHB.

In 1983 2 litters are born; the B-litter of della Collina. This time Baiano v. ’t Brummenböske is the sire, dam is Arsita v. ‘t Brummenböske. On 27-08-1983 3 puppies are born, 1 male and 2 females: Bergamo, Bologna and Bagnaia (1291522 - 1124265). The 2nd litter that year is the B-litter of dei Orsi Bianchi. On 10-12-1983 7 puppies, 6 males and 1 female are born out of the same combination as the first litter: Altino and Barabara v. ’t Brummenböske.

In 1984 there is a new breeder J. Ouwerkerk, starting his first litter under the name Van de Kraakse Hut; Altino v. ‘t Brummenböske and Casal v. ’t Brummenböske get their first off-spring on 03-08-1984; 5 puppies (2 males and 3 females): Arco and Angelo, and Arzita, Abruzca and Alba (1344833 - 1344837). He also imports a new male from Italy: Zolfo delle Grandes Murailles (1350646), Loi GI6430, S: Darfo delle Grandes Murailles, D: Zeta, born 15-11-1983.1985 resuls in 3 litters and 3 imports. The 2nd litter of Van de Spoorlaan is born on 03-04-1985 from the same combination as the first litter in 1980: Gransasso Ascoli Pelino and Ema delle Vergherie. There are only 2 males, Pedro and Oscar (1399082/83). The 2nd litter of Van de Kraakse Hut also results in only 2 puppies; 1 male, 1 female.

On 12-07-1985 Biondo and Boeska (1412017/18) are born from Zolfo delle Grandes Murailles and Asti dei Orsi Bianchi. Barbara van ’t Brummenböske gets her 3rd litter on 16-12-1985 from again Altino van ’t Brummenböske. 8 puppies this time (3 males and 5 females): Casal, Capo and Celano and Caya, Cleopatra, Chava, Cane and Cindy (1446112 - 1446119) dei Orsi Bianchi. 2 males and 1 bitch are imported from Italy. Despite some efforts they will not contribute to the breeding programme. Odd di Jacopone da Todi (1375458; Loi GI 6809), bred by Franco Simoni,  S: Donal dei Giorgine, D: Madama di Jacopone da Todi, born 24-11-1984. Don delle Grandes Murailles (1460429, Loi GI7078). S: Ghigo, D: Donnabella delle Grandes Murailles, born 23-04-1985. As breeder someone called S.F. Casc is mentioned. The same name is mentioned with Salviatella delle Grandes Murailles (1460381, Loi GI7073), S: Darfo delle Grandes Murailles, D: Selvatella delle Grandes Murailles, born 10-03-1985.

In 1986 there is only 1 litter, the C-litter of Van de Kraakse Hut. It is the same combination as the B-litter that was born half a year before. 5 puppies this time (4 males and 1 teef) born on 27-01-1986: Chesterfield, Carlo, Casal and Cando and Camen-Gina (1451971 - 1451975).

In 1987 there are again some imports, 1 male and 4 females. Eletto delle Grandes Murailles (1563955, Loi GI7976) is used once at stud. Sire is Darfo delle Grandes Murailles, dam is Isadora delle Grandes Murailles, born 20-01-1987 and bred by Franca Simondetti. Also Volpe delle Grandes Murailles (1536049, Loi GI 7599), S: Bagnoroselle delle Grandes Murailles, D: Verdiana, B: S. Simondetti is used for breeding by J. Ouwerhand. The other 3 females do not contribute.
Benny (1599755, Loi GI 88L7091) S: Agheo del Macereto, D: Patty, born 15-07-1987, B: D. Casolt.
Rocca delle Grandes Murailles (1599579, Loi GI 8401) S: Bronzino delle Grandes Murailles, D: Saba delle Grandes Murailles, born 12-10-1987.
And Rondine di Jacopona da Todi (1512139, Loi GI 7704), S: Panino di Jacopona da Todi, D: Oliva di Jacopona da Todi, B: S. Simoni, born 10-08-1986.
On 26-05-1987 the 2nd litter is born at K. Brakke; he uses the same father daughter combination as with his first litter: Gransasso Ascoli Pelino and Asti v.d. Spoorlaan. 10 puppies, 8 males and 2 females are born: Sky, Bianco, Balbo, Luca, Milo, Caesar and Basco and Lara and Asta (1540582 - 1540590). A prefix is not mentioned in the pedigree book, but later on he uses Van Kerkenland.

1988 results in 2 litters. Van de Kraakse Hut of J. Ouwerkerk breeds his D-litter on 15-07-1988 from Zolfo delle Grande Murailles and Volpe delle Grandes Murailles. 7 puppies, 6 males and 1 female: Donar, Dorso, Destro, Dassai, Dandy-Shadow and Dolce-Duca and Douschka (1621240 - 1621246). Unfortunately when Volpe is x-rayed the results come back as HD-positive. The results end up on the pedigree of the puppies. After review the results  become HD Tc and with the next litter it shows on their pedigree. The Maremmaclub has little trust in the judgement of the WK Hirschfeld Stichting after this affair and because of that grant the judgement by any veterinarian for dogs used for breeding, instead of the judgement by the offical authorities. The other litter is Van Kerkenland of Brakke. On 01-12-1988 his third litter is from from Eletto delle Grandes Murailles and again Asti v.d. Spoorlaan. 3 males and 4 females: Gayro Tobieas, Ricardo Patrese, Igor Cellesofski and Emma-Pellina, Lara, Gina and Bianca Estella (1637700 - 1637706).

In 1989 there are only 2 imported dogs:
Vacanza della Capraia (G-2-1650367), S: Bronzino delle Grandes Murailles, D: Valentina della Capraia, born 04-03-1989, B: A. Salmini. She is imported by P. van Hooije, who starts his kennel Van het Vlasdorp.
And Anita delle Grandes Murailles (1700080), born 17-03-1989, sire is Argo, dam is Quintana delle Grandes Murailles is imported by J. Ouwerkerk.

The E-litter of Van de Kraakse Hut is born on 04-02-1990 from the same combination as the D-litter: Zolfo x Volpe delle Grandes Murailles. Only 2 puppies: Elgar and Elina (1688311/12). There is 1 import by R. Sluis in Haarlem, Meteora, born 03-04-1990, (G-2-1700705), sire is Incantesimo della Barbaresca, dam is Alba (Loi GI89L9846). Breeder is Pierluigi Giuopponi in Ponteranica.

The Nineties.
In 1991 a bitch from England is imported by J. Schat in Ulft, Organa Snow Princess (1725420), born 01-02-1991. Sire is the famous English Sonymer Kynos (13 mates and 89 puppies), dam is Princess Claudia. By B.D. Kok-ter Borg Spadino, born 25-06-1991, (G-1-1750396) is imported. Sire is Aro, dam is Zara. There is a small revival in number of litters; 3 litters with a total of 22 puppies. The highest number at least since 1985, but actually since 1982 when there were also 3 litters with a total of 25 puppies. Brakke breeds a litter of 8 with Ema-Pelina van Kerkenland; 2 males and 6 females are born on 02-05-1991: Astor and Maico and Jaga, Aiuto, Romani-Gianne, Astra, Aura and Asita-Estralita. Sire is Destro van de Kraakse Hut. And Van Hooije breeds his first litter on 21-10-1991 with Vacanza della Capraia. Sire of the 7 puppies (3 males, 4 females) is Bianco (2nd litter of Van Kerkenland): Bayca, Emir and Izzy and Silca, Carmen, Sita, Sonja. And van de Kraakse Hut has another litter on 18-12-1991 again from Zolfo and Volpe delle Grandes Murailles. 7 puppies (4 males and 3 females): Fuoco, Fido, Fruubke and Falco and Floor, Farrah and Freya (1801277 - 1801283).

It takes till 1993 when another 4 dogs are imported.
One female from uit Italy, Erbacedrina di Selvaspina, born 01-05-1993 (1900564), sire is Baccano, dam is Tintarella di Luna di Selvaspina of Anna Albrigo is the beginning of the Parcodaini kennel.
A male and a bitch from Belgium, Rai (1950010) and Ragia dei Tratturi (1900967), born 15-10-1993, sire is Vinset, dam is Maremma Tebe of Rudy Volders.
From Australia J. Schat imports Maremmalee Soloshades (1900862), born 21-03-1994, sire is Lurgenglare Ciro, dam is Lurgens Barissa.
There are no litters.

In 1994 there is a second litter of Van het Vlasdorp. On 14-06-1994 7 puppies (3 males and 4 females) are born from the same combination as the first litter: Bianco (van Kerkenland) and Vacanza della Capraia: Damiano, Saphir and Boy Fortunato and Chicha Oreade, Milan, Donna and Ciara (1948064 - 1948070). Also the first and only litter of R. Sluis is born on 30-05-1994; 4 puppies (1 reu, 3 females) from the combination Maremma Trionfo and Meteora: Milo and Milana, Marina and Mira (1953168 - 1953171)
There are 4 imports:
Quadrifoglia (1999367), born 13-05-1994, sire is Ercole, dam is Europa di Nivenus, and Regina (1999677) born 15-05-1994, S: Bravo, D: Evelina di Casa Morchio, by A. Jansen and her son.
Amaranto di Selvaspina, born 24-07-1994, S: Gattopardo di Selvaspina, D: Serenissima di Selvaspina by Vermeulen/Jagtenberg.
And Ultimo (1999795), born 15-11-1994, S: Pulcinella di Selvaspina, D: Caterina delle Grandes Murailles by Van Hooije.
Some foreign dogs become Dutch Champoin: Maremma Trionfo, Acquamarina di Selvaspina and Maremma Tebe.

In 1995 there is another Duch Champoin: Margherita di Selvaspina. The first litter of J. Schat with affix v. Snowprincess Bimba is born on 11-03-1995 from Igor, a male living in Germany and Organa Snowprincess: Alias Arras, Alias Tobar, Alias Merlin, Alias Grappa, Alias Benja. 5 puppies, 3 males and 2 females (1986475 - 1986479). Also Vesto-Eros del Monte Dragnone is imported (2125017), born 03-06-1995, S: Pulcinella di Selvaspina, D: Europa di Nivenus. Tesoro (2050079) and Teramo dei Tratturi (2050546), born 22-05-1995, S: Girodivalzer, D: Quillaya dei Tratturi. And another bitch Marigot (2050331) born 2-01-1995, sire again Pulcinella di Selvaspina and dam is Babette.

On 30-04-1996 the first Parcodaini-litter is born from 2 Italian imports Amaranto and Erbacedrina di Selvaspina. 8 puppies (3 males and 5 females): Daino, Denso and Destreggiarsi and Donzella, Driada, Damigella and Dolcessa (2063822 - 2063828). Also the first litter of A. Jansen's son, S. Heijmann, who starts his own kennel with the Italian translation of 'broom' (Brummenböske) di Boschetto di Ginestre, is born on 11-09-1996 from the combination Tesoro dei Tratturi and Regina. 7 puppies (2 males and 5 females): Amico and Altino and Aura, Astra, Amithaba, Aquila and Anagni (2096562 - 2096568).
After 15 years A. Jansen has her E-litter v. ’t Brummenböske, from the Italian import Quadrifoglia and Tesoro dei Tratturi. 8 puppies are born on 11-12-1996 (4 males and 4 females): Ercole Elmas, Ezra, Eburneo Luca, Emilio Laban and Ella Chiara, Elana delle Gregge, Egida and Estella Wanda (2106294 - 2106299).Vicenza dei Tratturi (2175880) is imported from Belgium in 1997 by R. Luytema; born 06-04-1997, S: Ercole, D: Quillaya dei Tratturi. Also Divina di Nivenus (2175778), born 25-10-1997, S: Brivido, D: Engj di Nivenus is imported in that year from Italy. 

The same combination of Amaranto and Erbacedrina di Selvaspina makes the second litter of Parcodaini. On 13-10-1997 6 puppies (3 males and 3 females) are born Eletto, Eburneo, Estasiarsi and Esultanza, Egida and Efferv escenza (2160720 - 2160725).
1998 is quiet; a bitch from Germany Stedinger Salza (2375320), born 30-06-1998, from Maramao and Carlotta dei Ronchi is imported.
Di Boschetto di Ginestre has its second litter with the same combination. 8 puppies (3 males and 5 females) are born on 28-01-1999: Barone, Baccio and Billy and Bucolica, Buriana, Bucaneve, Brenda and Baia (2226969 - 2226976).

A new era: 2000 and on.
The first five years of the new era can be characterised by the 'occasional litter': people that own a bitch and want to have the fun of a litter. Only in 2006 a new breeder starts breeding with a registered kennelname. 

In 2000 2 puppies are born on April 16, 1 male and 1 female, from Ciclone delle Vergherie and Egida Parcodaini; Faccetta di Furfante and Favorita Fervorosa (2295211/12). 
M. Dings has her first litter on May 6 with Damigella Parcodaini. Sire is also Ciclone delle Vergherie. 6 puppies (4/2): Miska, Luca, Marco and Sisco and Esrijn and Scooby (2295213 - 2295218).

R. Luytema has a litter on 05-03-2001 with Vicenza dei Tratturi. Sire is her half-brother, Teramo. There are 2 puppies, 1 male and 1 female: Arturo and Allegria (2344230/31).  Egida Parcodaini has her second litter on October 12. This time 4 puppies (1 male and 3 females) from Artu, an Italian male: Giretto al Luna Piena and Gelsomina, Gioiella dall’Olanda and Goccia di Raggi Solare (2371558 - 2371561).
There are 2 Belgian imports, Altura (2350717) and Aquila (2375123) born 19-03-2001, from Vasco dei Tratturi and Esultanza Parcodaini. And there are 2 Italian males: Re di Cuori di Selvaspina (2375125), born 23-06-2001, S: Merlino di Selvaspina, D: Rugiada di Selvaspina, and Maramaldo di Selvaspina (2375124), born 13-08-2001, S: Rondo Veniziano di Selvaspina, D: Marinella di Selvaspina. The last 3 dogs are all imported by P. van der Linden.

R. Reuzel has a litter on 12-08-2002 with Stedinger Salza. 5 puppies (1 male and 4 females) from Ius di Jacopone da Todi, a German male: Zeus and Quinza, Kuzco, Kyra and Perle (2416293 - 2416296).
By J. Schat Pallina (G-1-2442015) is imported from Italy. Born 28-07-2002, from Gennarino and Brina.

In 2003 there are 2 Finish imports. A male and a female, born May 18 from Helgborg Asso and Bellina: Ceasar and Cyra. And there is 1 Italian import, Quintano (2509312) born 07-09-2003 from Cafiero di Lucus Angitiae and Edelweiss.

In 2004 there is 1 litter, the I-litter of Parcodaini from Leone, an Italian male living in Germany and Goccia di Raggi Solare. 8 puppies (6 males and 2 females) are born on February 23; Iacinto, Il Lago d’Iseo, Il Guardiano Impavido, Irsuto and Ireos and Iride and Ira Incantata (2495071 - 2495078). There are 4 Italian imports from breeder Gabriella Adanti: sister of Quintano called Querida (Cafiero di Lucus Angitiae and Edelweiss); two halfsisters of them Tosca, who was put to sleep before the age of one, and Tammuriata Nera (Omero della Rossera and Edelweiss); Sbarazzino (Ispido and Leuco).

In 2005 one male was imported form Italy, Rosco dell'Antico Tratturo (2592681) born 30-05-2005 from Spaccone x Irpina, bred by A. Molinelli, whose owner moves to Belgium and an other one from Germany, Stedinger Zingaro (2595123) born 19-06-2005 from Bacicche x Lucrezia. 
From Italy 3 bitches are imported: Neve (2608956) born 23-09-2005, Mose' dei Giunoni x Fenice, breeder Gianni Lombardini, was put to sleep before the age of 2 years, Misthy degli Elmi (2619071) born 07-11-2005, Filipe degli Elmi x Onda degli Elmi and Inouk degli Elmi (2619072) born 24-08-2005, Donchisciotte degli Elmi x Tabata degli Elmi) both bred by P. Colosimo were rehomed within 2 years and shortly after that Inouk gets a litter of 8 puppies sired by a Maremmano-hunting dog mix.
On October 27 a litter was born form Quintano and Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini; 10 puppies, 7 males and 3 females Lamborghini, Lazio, Licantropettino, Lieto, Liocorno, Lucifero en Lupino en Lacchiarella, Lavanda and Lucciola (2582055 - 2582064)

In 2006 2 already imported bitches are registered:
Roma (2594802) from Italy born 08-11-2003 from Turco x Gertrude, breeder G. Adanti and Civitella (2618353) born 05-08-2003, VestoEros x Esultanza Parcodaini. Also her half-brother Allupare (2612143), born 19-03-2001, Vasco dei Tratturi x Esultanza Parcodaini, is registered.
A male and a female from Germany are also registered. Stedinger Yogi (2631266, born 19-06-2005 from Maramao x Motte del'Antica Stirpe and Stedinger Zsa Zsa (2631265), brother of Stedinger Zingaro.
On March 26 an other litter of 10 puppies (7 males, 3 females) was born from Quintano x Ira Icantata Parcodaini; males are called  Mago Maremmo, Malandrino Maremmano, Marem' Maggiociondolo, Maremmano Magari, Maremmano Maliardo, Maremmano Moreno and Merletto Maremmano, the females are Mandragola Maremmana, Marea della Maremma and Meraviglia Maremmana (2601936 - 2601945).  
On April 30 the first litter of a new breeder with the Finnish kennelname Valkoinen Valiot was born. 9 puppies (4 males, 5 females) from Stedinger Umago and Helborg Cyra: Aias, Achilles, Azrael en Anjou en Aphrodite, Alexia, Atalanta, Athene en Aglaia (2606847 - 2606855)

In 2007 3 males are imported:
Golia (2685590), born 22-03-2007 (Montiano del Melarancio x Bella) breeder Pilvo Coppo, Aristotele del  Piangrande (2711933), born 13-05-2007 (Zen del Piangranda x Melissa dei Giunoni) bred by G. Adanti and Odin dell'Antico Tratturo (2731908) born on the same day from A. Molinelli.
On August 22 the second litter of Ira Incantata Parcodaini is born. A litter of 11 puppies (5-6). Father is the same as form her first litter, Quintano. Nebbiolo, Nastro Azzurro, Nibbio, Notevole and Nobelio and Non posso stare senza te, Nebbiolina, Ninfea, Norcia, Nandina and Nicandra (2669238 - 2669248)
Almost one month later on September 18th an other litter of 11 puppies in born (2/9). Both parents are imported from Germany Stedinger Yogi and Zsazsa by breeder Van Praag; Storm, Simao en Silva, Sora, Susa, Sirna, Serra, Sanna, Savena, Sally and Sun (2672071 - 2672081)

On April 11 2008 the second litter of Valkoinen-Valiot is born. 1 female from Stedinger Zingaro and Helgborg Cyra: Bajoura-Benji (2699051). 
On Juli 6th a litter of 5 puppies is born at Parcodaini's (3/2) from Zen del Piangrande and Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini: Orvieto, Orsetto, Oleastro and Occhiata di Sole and Orietta (2711610 - 2711614). At the end of November 2 puppies, a male and a bitch are imported from Italy: Scirocco and Sarah Brown del Piangrande, born October 1st 2008 from MarcoAurelio and Leuco.

2009 will go into the history books as a 'top year': 4 litters with a total of 30 puppies are numbers unknown to the Maremma Sheepdog in Holland so far. The year starts with a new breeder who has her first litter of 5 (2/3) puppies, born February 7th: Petra van Mil, kennelname Il Grandi Bianchi, with the Belgian import Civitella and Quintano. She decides to a certain theme as names for her puppies, and this results in 'religion' for her first and only litter: Figlio di Dio and I Testi Sacri for the males, and Figlie di Maria, Un Essere Divino and Giustizia Divina for the bitches! (in plain English: Son of God, The Holy Scripts, Daughters of Maria, A Devine Being and Divine Justice) (2737089-2737093).
Valkoinen-Valiot is responsable for more than half of the born puppies. The third litter of Helgborg Cyra is born on June 11: 7 (4/3) puppies sired by Golia: Calisto, Cadmilos, Ceasar, Charis and Chrysanthe, Caligenia and Charissa (2752668 - 2752674). Just half a year later on December 24 the next Valkoinen-Valiot litter is born: 10 (2/8) puppies out of Silva and again Golia: Dionysus and Damianos and Diantha, Dympfna, Dara, Dominique, Daesha, Delphina, Dharmapala and Diana (2776519 - 2776528).
Parcodaini has its 10th litter since its start in 1996, on August 30: 4/4 puppies  out of Ira Incantata and Aristotele del Piangrande: Pallisandro, Principe Azzurro, Pensiero Stupendo, Piangrande and Più Bella Cosa Non C’è, Parla Con Me, Perlina and Porta Fortuna (2762097 - 2762105)
There are 3 Italian imports; litter sisters Arìa and Avella dell'Antica Stirpe, born April 13 2009 out of Aspro dell'Arintha and Nausicaa dell'Antica Stirpe and a Melarancio female Silvia, born 19-9-2009 from Brivido and Salvia del Melarancio.

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