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Piu Bella Cosa non C'è

Più Bella Cosa Non C'è Parcodaini *30-08-2009

Più Bella Cosa Non C'è (pronounce: pjou bella kosa non tsjè) Parcodaini means 'there is nothing more beautifull'. It is also the title of a song of, of course, Eros Ramazzotti. (for the text see: http://www.eros-ramazzotti-lyrics.com/files/eros/07.htm). She is the daughter from the third litter of Cato, this time with Toto, Aristotele del Piangrande as the father.
At 9 months she made her first steps into the showring, with great results: in Hulten aswell as Uden she became best of breed, and beat her 2 competitors. In the mean time she became Dutch Youth Champion and Dutch Champion. 
She is called Truschka or Cosa. She didn't live with us, but with her co-parents Martin and Mariena. To our complete surprise Martin died all of a sudden on 9th of March 2012.
It had been our intention to have a litter with her, but unfortunately she remained empty. After that there were some ranking problems and she couldn't get along with her previous best friend, the white shepherd. We decided to find her a new home, where she would be happier. Since spring 2014 Truschka, now called Cosa, lives happily with Swen, Tina, Max and Pia.

HD A / ED free
2011 Dutch Champion Litters: 
2010 Dutch Youth Champion Offspring: 
Shown 5 x: 4 x exc, 3 x cac, 1 x rescac, 1 x cacib, 3 x bob

Più Bella Cosa non C'è (A, free)
* 30-08-2009
Aristotele del Piangrande  (B) Zen del Piangrande (A)
Nettuno dei Giunoni
Leuco (A)
Melissa dei Giunoni (B) Groppone
Grezza dei Giunoni (B)
Ira Incantata Parcodaini (A) Leone (B)
Solimano dei Giunoni
Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini (A)
Artu (A)
Egida Parcodaini (B)


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