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She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Guns N' Roses:
"Sweet Child o' Mine"

Ira Incantata Parcodaini *23-02-2004 - 07-03-2017

Ira Incantata Parcodaini,  means 'enchanting rage', called Cato is the daughter of Goccia en Leone. She used to be very present and demanding explicitly your attention. She was naughty and certainly not stupid and knows very well what is allowed and what isn't, but she tries anyway. She became head of our pack at a young age and would like everything and everyone to do as she pleases. She is very affectionate and was best friends with Quintano.
In 2004 at the show for young dogs of the VHB she became best Maremma Sheepdog and second best in show. In 2005 she was Best in Show/Clubchampion 2005 of the Champion Show of the VHB. Since the Winnershow 2006 she is Dutch Champion and since then she added several more titles to her name: International and Belgian Champion and Champion of Luxemburg. At 7.5 years of age she became European Champion at the Eurodogshow in Leeuwarden.
As time went by her health slowly declined; mammary tumors caused an operation and we also had to remove her ovaries to prevent further problems. This led however to a completely destroyed coat, that was impossible to comb or brush. Getting up and around become more and more difficult for her, and you are aware that 'this can not go on'. You know that the day will come that you have to make that so very difficult decision. That day came on Tuesday March 7th 2017, almost 2 weeks after her 13th birthday. RIP 'sweet child of mine'.

Showresults HD A
2011 FCI Centenary European Dog Show Winner (European Champion) Litters: 3
2008 Belgian Champion and Luxemburg Champion Offspring:29
2007 International Champion
2006 Dutch Champion
2005 Best in Show/Clubchampion 2005 VHB
2004 Best Maremma and 2nd place Jongehondendag VHB
shown 13x: 13 x Ex, 11 x cac, 10 x cacib, 6 x bob, 1 x bis, 1 x European Champion

 6 months

 7.5 year


 BIS Clubmatch

12 years

Ira Incantata (A) Leone (B) Solimano dei Giunoni Turco
Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini (A) Artu (A) Leonida di Nivenus (A)
Zuffa del Vreccale
Egida Parcodaini (B) Amaranto di Selvaspina
Erbacedrina di Selvaspina (B)


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