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Pastore Transumante  W Bice * 15-06-2015

Bice came to us with almost 6 months. It took a while before she was used to our dogs. Especially to Olimpia she was very unfriendly. Something Olimpia absolutely did not understand, as all she wanted was to play. So she continued to try and after 2 weeks her attempts were finally rewarded. Now they are inseparable friends, that like to play all day, and be naughty. On our Facebook-pagina you can find some video's or the couple.
At the anual clubshow 2016 we showed Bice for the first time; she was awarded second place in youth class with an Exc(ellent).
Unfortunately it turned out that Bice ist not qualified for breeding. With pain in our heart we decided to find a new home for her. We think we found that new home at Rob and Catharina's.

Youthwinster '16
shown 2x; 2 x exc, 1 x rescac

Dirty after playing

A warm wellcome


Pastore Transumante Nunzio (A,BL)

DonDiegoTransumante (A,0)
Pascione dell'Antico Tratturo (A,BL)
Alice di Lucus Angitiae (B,0)
Beatrice (B,BL)
Chino dell'Antico Tratturo (A,0)
Alice di Lucus Angitiae (B,0)


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